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A Warriors Tale: Where is the Battle Really Happening?

Today, in my meditation I had a sudden waking dream, and this is what unfolded:

I saw a battlefield of old....ancient China, or maybe Japan, with two forces clashing in an open glade with forest all around. There are flashing swords and armored men in violent conflict. Within all this chaos, a lone soldier suddenly Awakens to his True Path. He lets his sword fall from his hand and slowly drops down onto his knees, face raised to Heaven in a surge of Spirit Energy and he reaches up to remove his helmet. Unbelievably, his whole being is trembling with Love for every person raging in battle around him. He folds forward at the waist to touch his forehead to the ground with Joy, just as a blade slices through the air above him where is neck was only a split second before. Another soldier aims his sword to stab him from behind, only for the fatal blow to be deflected by a shield tumbling through the air. The sword is wrenched from the enemy’s hands and lost in the chaos around him. The praying solider is oblivious to all, except for a message coming from the Creator, Instructing him to now rise, remove his armor and walk forward towards the forest before him.

Nothing touches this defenseless man, who is now in the process of slowly and deliberately removing his armor, letting each piece fall freely into a heap around him. This once precious armor had been his pride, his shield against the world, separating him from the dangers he perceived all around.

Indeed, he was standing with danger clearly all around him now, clad only in a simple soldier’s kimono…yet within his surrender to a greater Power, he was without fear, perhaps for the first time in his life.

His friends and comrades, and even the enemy, watched in dismay, their own fears and angers holding them apart as they continued the fight, seeing him taking steps towards the nearby woods. Two swords cross before him in a sharp ringing of steel, then separate in preparation for another attack, the lone soldier steps through this gap without hesitation or awareness, putting one foot firmly before the other. The Path opened for him in this manner, with struggling bodies and singing metal all sliding past him, as if encased in an invisible shield, until he emerged untouched from the fighting. He had left behind the hate, the dust, the blood and the screaming swirl of chaos…and all he had ever known. And he felt more alive and with purpose than ever before.

In his surrender, he was now able to see his True Self, noting the real enemy was himself, a constant fight against what his Heart knew to be Right all along.

He now stood on untainted ground which was covered in small flowers of every color, the tall trees of the forest rising before him parted and their branches gently swayed, beckoned him forward. This man, no longer a warrior in a ceaseless battle, took in the beauty of this world beyond the choices he had once embraced as real and normal. Now he stood on solid ground and saw the green of life, smelled the pine and grass, heard the wind and birds that were separate from man-made strife and beliefs.

Behind him, unbeknownst and now detached from his past actions, his comrades and enemy had turned one by one to see his exit from the field. They were mesmerized by his enraptured face and protected steps that miraculously had guided him to safety. They could see he was not running away in fear. No, he was deliberately walking toward…Something Greater.

Slowly clusters of men stalled their swinging swords and clenched fists to observe this single person. Like an ocean wave moving over the field, the entire company of fighting soldiers turned to watch this lone Awakened Warrior, showing them another Way.

They watched as One when he took those final steps confidently into the opened Path and fully disappear from sight, the trees closing after him. The sounds of battle had ceased and in this silence the remaining warriors lowered their swords and looked at the foe they had been fighting, realizing now that it was their brother before them, whom they loved. Weapons dropped and their arms were now raised not in fear, hate and violence, but instead to clasp forearms with their brothers in recognition and greeting.

And the Sun shines on a battlefield no-more.

And so it is.

Dear Reader: I hope you enjoyed me sharing this message that seemed clear to me, and hopefully, it was as uplifting and supportive to anyone else who is having to make tough life choices at this time. There is so much conflict in our World at this moment, yet who and what, are we really fighting? These are moments to remember to listen to our hearts for what is Right-and you will know it is Right because it will feel like Love,…not a knot in your stomach! Also, know we are never alone or without the Love of our Creator, the Source of all that is Good, who will provide guidance…if we can only let go of the battle-within long enough to ask…Then, we shall receive Words of Wisdom, a clear Path around obstacles and Opportunities will suddenly appear. This is all available to us, as long as we keep our Faith to move forward with an Intention to add to the Greater Good,...and then simply, Ask.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7, The Bible

Peace be with you and Best Wishes in Health,

Karen A Shupp

Physical Therapist, Biologist, Modern Day Medicine Woman

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Aug 04, 2023


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