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The New Year and Our Response-Ability: Recognizing our Gifts and Power from Source

We always have choices,...yet we may not like the options at hand. At least, we have the Ability to choose our Response to a situation, which is the gift of free-will. A gift given to us by the Source of all Creation. Many do not understand the importance, power and awesomeness of this gift. Of course, it comes with responsibility, a word inferred to in the opening sentence of this blog. And with this thought, there often occurs a tightness in our chests, or we feel a heavy sensation to our shoulders…the weight of being held to account for our actions.

Is that really such a bad thing? Why else be on this Earth if not to have some positive impact towards the greater good?

Whoa!”, You may say, “I’m just trying to pay bills and get by in survival mode myself! How can I possibly do anything meaningful for everyone else?”

Actually, this is occurring all day, everyday,…whether you are conscious of this, or not! Many people do not realize that each moment, of each day, we cause ripples in the flow of humanity, simply by just existing,…in whatever form and function that may be. This is because we are all connected through a cosmic ocean of energy.

A natural phenomenon labeled The Quantum Field, is finally now being understood scientifically, even though it has been the basis of many ancient philosophies for thousands of years. This Field is measurable,…meaning, even if we don’t think we can see it, smell it or hear it,… we do feel It, and interact within this Field all the time.

Anatomically, our brain is set up to receive and transmit information with this Field, through multiple structures, fluids and molecules within us. Our brain is able to sense and react to light, vibration and chemistry. Ever wonder why a thought, or feeling suddenly pops up in your head? You may be getting a ‘download’ of needed information that needs your attention.

How about that sensation which we always think of as intuition, or gut-feeling that leads us into a certain direction, hopefully to a good outcome? That’s part of The Field of consciousness, where all the various vibrations we produce, join with the Universes collection of vibrations.