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The New Year and Our Response-Ability: Recognizing our Gifts and Power from Source

We always have choices,...yet we may not like the options at hand. At least, we have the Ability to choose our Response to a situation, which is the gift of free-will. A gift given to us by the Source of all Creation. Many do not understand the importance, power and awesomeness of this gift. Of course, it comes with responsibility, a word inferred to in the opening sentence of this blog. And with this thought, there often occurs a tightness in our chests, or we feel a heavy sensation to our shoulders…the weight of being held to account for our actions.

Is that really such a bad thing? Why else be on this Earth if not to have some positive impact towards the greater good?

Whoa!”, You may say, “I’m just trying to pay bills and get by in survival mode myself! How can I possibly do anything meaningful for everyone else?”

Actually, this is occurring all day, everyday,…whether you are conscious of this, or not! Many people do not realize that each moment, of each day, we cause ripples in the flow of humanity, simply by just existing,…in whatever form and function that may be. This is because we are all connected through a cosmic ocean of energy.

A natural phenomenon labeled The Quantum Field, is finally now being understood scientifically, even though it has been the basis of many ancient philosophies for thousands of years. This Field is measurable,…meaning, even if we don’t think we can see it, smell it or hear it,… we do feel It, and interact within this Field all the time.

Anatomically, our brain is set up to receive and transmit information with this Field, through multiple structures, fluids and molecules within us. Our brain is able to sense and react to light, vibration and chemistry. Ever wonder why a thought, or feeling suddenly pops up in your head? You may be getting a ‘download’ of needed information that needs your attention.

How about that sensation which we always think of as intuition, or gut-feeling that leads us into a certain direction, hopefully to a good outcome? That’s part of The Field of consciousness, where all the various vibrations we produce, join with the Universes collection of vibrations.

Human Brain Cell (left) and Universe Energy (right)

What is also very interesting if you compare the human brain cell to a collection of energy in the Cosmos, they look incredibly similar. (Above image.) How much more of our being is a reflection of our galaxy and beyond? Quite a bit, actually. But then, we also reflect similarities in our human body that can be found in Earth anatomy as well. We are connected in many ways to the Heaven's and the Earth, it seems. Coincidence? I think not.

Emotions, thoughts, words, sounds of any kind,…all have a frequency that radiate out of us. It doesn’t just fade away to nothing,.. it goes on for infinity! That’s a long time for something to effect the Universe, don’t you think?

And, often, we receive vibrations of the same type that we send out. Sympathy between frequencies of energy, can work for drawing positive information and events to us,…or negative. You decide. For instance, if I send out anger, frustration and fear, it is likely to circulate around and attract the same level of vibration, which are lower frequencies by the way, and reverberate back to you in similar fashion. Like screaming into a cave,… that cave will scream right back at you.

Ever have a day where you wake up generally grumpy and then stay that way all day? Do you notice that grumpiness is reflected back at you. Sure, you can blame the day, the people,… anything except your grumpy vibes that radiate out from you in a dust cloud no one wants to approach. What happens on that rare occasion, when someone having a positive and higher vibration moment, smiles at you, or does something nice for you, even though you are grumpy?

It sort of lifts your mood a bit, doesn’t it? They let their positive, higher frequency, vibrations mingle a bit with your negative lower vibrations. You get a blend that may not make you suddenly skip and dance, but it does change the feel of your down moment. What a gift that person just gave you! Thank someone for their positive vibes they share, and

then it is up to you to expand on that feeling.

That is your response-ability. Maybe you smile at someone else, and who knows?...This may cause a chain reaction through the Quantum Field, and your whole environment suddenly perks up into an atmosphere that suddenly feels pretty nice! Or, you can continue to be grumpy,…day in and out, ignoring the fact that you have a choice.

Because now you know, you can change what you are throwing out there into the Universe.

Try asking Higher Consciousness for positive guidance. You start by creating the feel of a positive moment, person, pet or even food you love,...visualize and recall the happy moment that fills your heart. Breathe in deep for 4 seconds and then exhale slowly for 7 seconds. This creates mind and heart coherence, ( See the link below to Gregg Braden's "...Heart and Brain Connection..." video) Doing this a few times creates calmness and clarity of mind and heart. Now, Ask the Universe and ‘Source of light, life, love and laughter‘, for some wisdom in a simple statement, “What do I need to know now?


Listen, with your now open heart and mind for the answer. A thought will suddenly enter consciousness in that immediate pause after you send out your question. Remember, it should always be positive in response, as anything negative is your own thoughts bouncing back at you…remember the cave? Once you receive a response, then act on it if its seems right, which you will also feel in the center of your chest,...a kind of joy and warmth. It’s when we ignore these guiding sensations of truth and awareness, that we sometimes err onto a different path.

A poor choice often sits in our gut heavily, like a rock. A most definite difference the from joy and warmth of a right choice.

Perhaps we go onto that other path, one that we decide logically to follow because of someone else’s rules. Maybe we have fears and concerns about either what people think of our choices, or past failure that dogs our steps. Yes, we have all been there. Our inner guidance says one thing and we talk ourselves out of it to go a different direction that lead us into difficulty and obstacles.

All we can do is take a deep breath and work our way back onto the right path. A path that is constantly being revealed to us,…if we ask and then listen with our hearts to the True Source that really knows. Even if you say you do not believe in Higher Consciousness, God, True Source, Jesus or whatever title comes to mind,…that’s ok, because Spirit still believes in you! And is still available to provide guidance, if asked. Again, this is free-will at work.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

Response- Ability.

So, you may say, ‘Well, then I just won’t do anything!” However, even if you decide to only sit on the couch, watch nonsensical news and reality shows, eat potato chips and drink chemicals from a can, you are still demonstrating your ability to make a choice. This still vibrates through the always present field of energy that flows around and through us,…it is what makes us hold our multiple cells together in the form we have decided is us.

Ultimately, even this choice of sedentary reaction produces a response in the form of poor physical health, disease, isolation and pervasive loss in quality of life, for both you and anyone around you. You are still impacting the world with your choices.

The Response-Ability is moment to moment, day by day, and always a thought away from

change, for better, or worse. You can impact this by your thoughts. Positive or negative, it is all your choice.

So, if you are one of the brave and bored that wish to break your present pattern, and move into a different, happier, more connected path, let us explore a few options to expand your thoughts:

1. Suzanne Giesemann: Suzanne’s background is from a practical and logical, 20 year career as a Naval Commander, that later moved into a greater awareness about the connection with Spirit we all have, at all times. How she even made such a transition to where she is as an “evidential medium”, is a fascinating story that I invite you to read about, or view her documentary, “Messages of Hope”, under Resources on her website. There are also great tutorials on finding a realistic method for calming the mind, ie meditation that works for you can be found on Suzanne’s website. One is a simple and effective 3-minute guided method called

“SIP of the Divine”, which you will find on her Gifts page in the following link: ,

2. Gregg Braden: This Geologist turned investigator into the past mysteries, logically answers questions of who we are and what we can do to improve our lives. He is very much into showing the science behind the previously unknown with great videos and courses. He has multiple resources, however I encourage viewing of a couple videos that are on-topic for this blog.

*Two Powerful Methods to Awaken Heart & Brain Connection

* How Differently Would You Live If You Knew How to use this Power?

3. Joe Dispenza: A chiropractor with a life-changing trauma event that led him to understanding the wisdom and power of the human body to heal itself. He has a more direct presentation and practical approach to up-scaling your life with knowledge.

Break the Addiction to Negative Thoughts and Negative Emotions

People worry about quieting the mind,…about making a choice to be more Response-Able in what they think about, because of any number of any consequences from others may be present. From those who want to control things,…to serve their own image and design. Awareness of this rise in overall apathy, fear and lack of caring, should be enough to shake you up a bit to at least perceive a different path. We are meant to connect with each other and share the constant flow of energy that uplifts our minds, hearts and spirits.

I DARE YOU make just one change,…to take a chance and just,…Smile! Yes! Right now, just smile! Let your mouth raise up at the sides and feel the instant change in your chemistry,…and surprisingly, you may even have a sudden, happy thought, or memory come to mind.

Just like that,…you just made a difference around the World by adding a drop of good-feeling energy into the Great Ocean of Love that surrounds and fills us at all times. It’s real! Like the Force in Star Wars, or even the perpetual downloads in The Matrix, although for the greater good, and not for the Darth Vader’s, or controlling machines of society.

Yet, this lack of Response-Ability is what we are allowing to happen with our thoughts and choices right now.

If you do not make the choice’s about what you think, what energy you produce and receive, what feelings and contribution you will make in this Life,…someone-else-will! There are no limits to the number of forces and entities out there that would like to take your power away from you for their own purposes.

Don’t give up on the use of your free-will, guidance from Divine intervention and interacting consciously with this amazing planet we live on,…join in the fun of really living with the Gifts you have been given!

Wishing you good vibes!

Karen A. Shupp, PT, Biologist, Modern Day Medicine Woman

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Great article! And a lot of good research. Thanks


Jan 09, 2023


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