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Welcome to Relaxation Station: Wellness Resources Inc

Empowering your ability to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit through Knowledge and Nature's gifts.

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What is Relaxation Station: Wellness Resources

Owner: Karen A. Shupp, PT, Biologist

A Modern Day Medicine Woman

     Karen Shupp is a Biologist and has been a licensed Physical Therapist for over 38 years.  From childhood she has studied the natural ways to heal and promote total health, applying these skills both personally and professionally.  With these many decades of knowledge within science, medicine and nature, Karen offers guidance, education and tools to clients who want to take control of their own health. 

     Is your goal to remain free from pharmaceuticals? Do you want to let go of dependency on false advertising that would have you accept chronic illness as inevitable? 

     We were created with amazing healing abilities and it is never too late to learn how to begin our own, intentional, self-healing!  

     This website will soon have tools to help you start your journey, including: Wellness Consultations, Small Batch Natural Products for healthier skin, improved immune system strength, and pain relief. 

     Blogs, future seminars and other informational resources and links are also being added regularly, check in frequently to see what's offered!

  Best Wishes in Health!

My Services and Products

Starting your journey to sustainable Health and Well-being

At present, my availability will be by Remote Consultation only, as I do not have  a physical work site established,...yet.  I will keep you posted!


This is a step for anyone wanting to discuss areas of concern, health history and express your goals with Karen, your Wellness Consultant. This can either be a scheduled phone conversation, or completed by email.   From this important communication, personalized recommendations and resources can be outlined.

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Set-up your Wellness Consultation here:

Once Payment is recieved you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule.


Phone or Email

Phone Consultation for one hour involves:

1. You being listened to attentively as you outline main areas of concern you wish addressed.

2. Provides time for Wellness Consultant to ask important questions and ensure recommendations are appropriate and realistic. 

3. For Phone conversations, a written summation will be emailed to you.

Email Consultation for one hour involves:

1. Start the hour by sending a pre-written description of your concerns, pertinent medical history and questions you wish to address.

2. After review of the information, a return email will immediately be sent with any needed questions to clarify further details.

3. After your response to these questions is recieved, recommendations can then be made.

4. Discussion can then continue for any remaining time.

Hardware Tools

Resources and Tools

Reiki Treatment

Alternative Medicine

(Pending) This section will feature local resources in the Idaho Panhandle, such as health practitioners, stores and links to products that Wellness Resources has reviewed.  Links to similar sites within the U.S. will also be added.


Education & Information Sites

(Pending)  This section will provide links to valuable articles, books, and self-healing media to assist your education in wellness journey.

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Best Podcasts on Wellness

(Pending) This area will feature links to social media which Relaxation Station feels is supportive to goals of self-awareness, healing and positive self-care.


Recipes for Wellness

Eating healthy means enjoying your food, not just going through the motions because it's "good for you"!  Scroll through a selection of recipes from my kitchen that have made the cut for Gluten Free, Keto friendly, good for the Gut and all the other Wellness eating options you may be searching for.  And if YOU have a favorite tried and true recipe to add, please share it, and I will give it try!

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Image by Pavan Trikutam


Even thought this website is still incomplete, I want to hear from you to assist building the options available to you.  So, please email me some ideas,...What are your questions in natural healing and wellness?  What type of resources are you seeking? My goal is to be a helpful, reliable guide and support to your journey to better health. Thank you!


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