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This Year- Let's Try Something New...'Non-Judgement Day'

For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.- Matthew 7:2
Judge (definition): to form an opinion about a subject through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises. -Webster's Dictionary

I think we've been going about this all wrong. As you read the above definitions regarding what we judge, are we really applying the correct steps to reach logical, fair and careful opinions about happenings in our World?

Many conflicting thoughts arose in my morning meditation as I mulled over the medias ever-present negative displays of groups fighting for recognition. Each one steadily judging each other as wrong or abnormal for their beliefs.  I too, have been just as guilty in harboring thoughts of criticism for another’s choice in appearance, partner or whatever judgements they are voicing.

Being judgmental of another’s judgements seems ironic does it not?  

As well as silly.  Why do we even go down that rabbit hole... and to what end?

With that in mind, forgive the following philosophical dive I took with the help of my spirit guides as we start a New Year:

There have always been aberrant thoughts as to how humans decide to present themselves.  Each brain is a form alike, yet not the same as other humans.

Then the swirl of DNA, thoughts, ego and environment begin to mix and each one must make their own choices on action, appearance and beliefs.  What a person believes is Truth to them formulates…and they are convinced by their desires and wants of their Truth.  However, the feeling of this as Truth to their inner I AM spirit, may not be there. For the I AM spirit is there to guide towards a path of love and balance in life. When there is disharmony within, it creates a restlessness, or anger in the Ego to prove the truth of what they desire and want, as right.

Historically, there is not a way to make others follow a single belief of another without the use of force to mind or body.  And forcing your belief on another, is definitely NOT Truth.  

God, (insert your preferred name for the Creator of Light, Life, Love and Laughter), is LOVE and you are all extensions of God.  The ego becomes confused in this and wishes righteousness in its self-centered desires.  However, this is NOT the Way.  The Way is love of all, with desires secondary.

The needs of a human are simple.  However, the desires of a human are complicated and put the spin of all relationships on a wheel of chaos if not in balance with Nature.  Nature relies on cooperation, respect and sharing of resources. Yet, those who do choose a path not in line with Nature- anger, theft, destruction, or hate - are not doomed as many would have you believe.  

They are lost and in pain…not feeling they belong and trying to find like-individuals or actions to soothe their pain.   And everyone has this in one form or another. So, should we not extend compassion to these individuals instead of judgement?

The pain of feeling alone is from the illusion that you are alone.

Yet, you are NEVER alone!   Only in the human mind and egocentric thinking do you frame this world of aloneness.

Whether you believe, or not, there are divine Guides, protective angels, ancestors, Masters of Light and the spirit world to be your constant companions.  These are gifts extended to you from God in your time of need. Do you not feel their comfort and presence in times of despair?  Does it not calm you to hear a gentle breeze in the trees, or watch a sunrise spreading its glory?  Maybe even a small voice whispers comfort or solutions you may never have considered, or a friend suddenly gives you a call to provide support and the compassion many adults forget how to share. Compassion is everyone's gift to give. Yet, it is lost in our own story and held back if listening to societies judgement on who is deserving.

Compassion is a verb. - Thich Nhat Hanh

You are never alone, and what you need is always available.   All you must do is ask.   Yet, few ask for Divine assistance daily, except for material items. This is not asking from the heart, but from wants and desires.  You cannot squeeze love from money, or a car, or a home. These are only tools and must be used wisely to generate the proper vibrations of attraction- otherwise what you attract will not be love based.

Have compassion for yourself...Ask!
Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have right to be here. - Max Ehrman, Desiderata

Many people ask for a partner to appear that will provide stability, safety, financial support…and per the Law of Attraction, they will manifest the perfect person to fill that desire.  However, if not love based, this becomes another set tool and not a method to join in energy... for the gain of God’s gifts...Which is to manifest greatness in the world, to create more harmony and love. 

So, as you look at those who struggle in their desire for people ‘just like them’, the mirror reflects someone in pain and thus, the Universe provides another person in pain.   Now, the pain is magnified by two.   And so on, to manifest more in their lives ‘just like them’.

The pain of being ‘alone’ is never resolved if always pursuing and asking for others in the same proverbial boat. Ask for love, balance and compassion. Extend these higher vibrational feelings to reflect in the mirror for a more balanced and love based outcome.

Again, it is NOT the duty of anyone to make another human view life and beliefs as they do. Force-of-Will is always equal to disrespect of others and fueled by Hate.  This is powerful and not only destructive to the individuals involved, it is an energy extended outward, wrapping around the Earth and into the Universe.  This is the unrest and discordance felt throughout humanity at this time. 

It is a deep wound, surfacing more and more lately, and is detoxifying the World if you will.

Because, ready or not, Nature has begun to return us to a place of working together and discarding these negative judgements.  there is a reason for the increase in earthquakes, floods, volcano activity and even solar flares. There is a much higher plan beyond our self-involved story.

Compassion is to look beyond your own pain, to see the pain of others. -Yasmin Mogahed

And it is time to let go of the pain, to acknowledge our connections to each other and God’s love. Everyone has an I AM Spirit within to guide them. Some will listen, some will not. Perhaps it is within their next incarnation that the light may go on, so to speak.  Yet, it may not for several lifetimes.  Each soul goes through these experiences for growth along with the human they are joined with.

Where will you take your I AM spirit on this life’s journey?  Will the experience inform and be one of enlightenment and understanding of these words…or will a selfish impulse surface to say that you alone, are validated in your judgements?

Please remember, that in the grand scheme of the Universe, we are only one small planet and it's a very long ways to get to another one. So, please choose wisely in your words expressed, your actions and your thoughts - because they are felt world-wide. That is the power each of us has.

Compassion. Cooperation. Love...Give it try. One day at a time, one moment at a time, one person at a time. Start with yourself and expand those feelings into the Universe.

May peace and harmony be with you on this New Year’s beginning, and the Light of God guide your path. Thank you for your time.

Best Wishes in Health,

Karen Angela Shupp

Modern Day Medicine Woman

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Jan 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Karen. Much light and love and peace in our precious world.

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