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Saute it! Don't Spray it! Part 1 -Get Ready Now for Spring!

So,…what is the big hub-bub about chemical spraying of bugs and weeds? Aren’t we supposed to be weed and bug free, so we can live

in sterile and pristine environments? What are all these bright yellow, purple and white ‘weeds’ invading our lawns for?

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” Genesis 9:3

Historically, lawns, or launde, (as the French labeled an expanse of meadow, glade or clearing), were fashionable in medieval times as a defensive perimeter around a castle to see enemies coming from a distance. It was kept clear by grazing livestock, or razed by peasants wielding a scythe. Not so bad for the cows and goats, however not the easiest work for the humans. However, servants and livestock, plus a clear view from afar, which all indicated wealth and power.

Hopefully, you get the idea: Perfect lawns equal wealth and power,…poor kept yards equal poverty and low social status.

That is the short cut version, and you should read more of the history in America’s development for this taste in affluent appearances, by clicking the link to the article “The Surprising History of Grass Lawns”, in Grunge magazine,

Now, I do enjoy a nice looking yard, and strive to keep mine appealing to passer-by. However, you will not find a single blade of cultured grass. My husband and I zero-scaped the majority of the front with pebble rock many years ago, then placed raised planting beds, containers and a greenhouse in front of the house. This is all facing the street,…so all passerby can see our growing veggies, herbs and medicinal ‘native plants’ (locally labeled as weeds).

Relaxation Station Wellness Resources- Spring Garden 2022

Some neighbors love it, commenting on the lush plant growth, the beauty and color of the herbs (technically more weeds), and e