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What do a Mule, a Physical Therapist and Wellness all have in Common?

My gifts in creativity expand into multiple directions, however my primary focus and intention has always been directed towards providing healing, and promote happiness in what I offer.

This includes writing fun, educational articles, which resulted in my first published book,

“Harry the Mule,…and Other Injuries.” Yes, it was intended to be humorous and intriguing to the reader, as this is how I usually integrate my healing skills. Light-hearted, gentle guidance and support to those seeking answers to their body, mind and spirit restrictions.

Having been a physical therapist for nearly 40 years, it became apparent to me very early, that mind-heart- body connections are needed for full health recovery. So, I often use the story of another person’s problem to outline how they overcame the mental, and often emotional, obstacles to becoming well,…an indirect way to teach new tricks to someone in pain. Think, Grimm’s Fairy Tales meets Chicken Soup for the Soul. The moral to the story should be clear without having to point a finger at you to say, ‘Don’t do this,….or that!”, which is an immediate turn-off to most people. Hearing about someone else’s problem is much easier to digest.

It is also clear to me, and many other people these days, that Western Medicine has lost its way of how to promote a natural and least destructive approach to dis-ease. “Do no harm,” the most important phrase applied to any medical field, has often become, “Take these pills, and call me in two weeks. And if you still have problems, well,… I’ll give you some more pills.”

Hopefully, you have not experienced this, and your Provider is actually providing skilled and attentive treatment. Yet, the pendulum is now moving people away from the quick, ineffective fix, back to Natural Medicine; which can include Ayurvedic, Eastern and Homeopathic approaches to an illness or injury . You know, the stuff that’s been around for thousands of years! Go figure! These ancient approaches bring Balance to the body inside and outside, not forgetting the powerful impact of the Mind. Because what you think, is what you become,…inside and outside.

This is why I write articles, blogs and books, create natural small batch self care products (more about that later), provide fun, informational seminars, and just plain talk to people about what they can do to feel better.

So join me in gaining back your power to heal,…yourself, and others! Let positive energy surround you, and if it isn’t where you are now,…go find it for Heaven’s Sake,…go find it! Maybe it’s in my book, or on my website that you find a good starting point. I hope to hear from you!

Best Wishes in Health!

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